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Those of you who attended the Nous and You AGM recently will probably remember me telling you about the plight of the Cognac SPA (Societe Protection Animalaux) where they have had such an influx of dogs that they have run out of Dog Food. One of our members, Sheila Cox, has been contacted by Borghild Strandness who is appealing for donations of food for these poor dogs. At the weekend we gathered together a large car load of bags of dog dry food, tinned food, rice, pasta, tins of sardines or mackerel and Borghild took them to Cognac SPA on Monday. They were overwhelmed. I have been asked by several member to give details of our collection point because we are continuing with this appeal. Sheila Cox has very kindly agreed to accept any donations you are prepared to give, however small. Her address is 79 Rue des Moulin, Cresse’ 17160. Her telephone number is 05 46 33 94 22. If Sheila is not in then any donation can be left in the porch where the cars are parked. She has black iron gates but do not use these but go to the other side of the house and up the bank. To anyone who is kind enough to make a donation can I say a heartfelt thank you from us all.
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Solmat - Solidarite Matha
Nous & You support Solmat by donating a generous amount of money to them once a year.

Solmat are a charity in Matha. In addition to distributing food parcels every second Thursday, Solmat runs a second-hand clothing shop which is open every Monday afternoon at 2pm in Matha.  You can donate and buy clothing in the shop and the people who work there are very pleased to get any donation.  It is based in the Complex on the opposite side to where library and cinema are situated.  Solmat also participates in Food Bank collections and organizes a Christmas tree for the benefit of its beneficiaries. In 2016, 4,026 people were helped with each distribution.

The Food Bank provides commodities from surpluses in superstores, agri-food industries and two annual collections for parcels. Solmat completes the parcels by purchasing fresh food thanks to community grants, donations from associations (Operation Sharing and Nous and You). Each collection of the Food Bank made by Solmat in the spring and autumn mobilizes about thirty people. The Matha Rotary Club, the Antenna Insertion Workshops and the Matha MFR help Solmat in these collections

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